About Us

Danny Benjoseph, Registered Piano Technician ( R.P.T), Graduated from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990 with a degree in Piano Technology. His education was based on a two year piano technology program. After graduating Danny was offered a position as a technician at Harvard University. During his 5 year position at Harvard, Danny maintained over 250 pianos, mostly Steinway and Sons, Mason and Hamlin and other fine hand made pianos. In 1995 Danny accepted a position at East Coast Piano rebuilding associated with the Mason and Hamlin Company. There Danny worked with the highest trained technicians were he gained much of his experience. In 1997 Danny became the head piano technician for the Baldwin Piano Co. in Boston. He managed the rebuilding shop and the service department.

In our new rebuilding shop Danny insists on working on the pianos exclusively which minimized any potential error in the restoration process. Danny takes tremendous pride in making each of the pianos he works on to be the best possible, in sound, play and appearance. In our rebuilding shop we love to share our experience with you and demonstrate how this fascinating instrument works.

Presently, Danny Benjoseph services over 1000 local customers, working closely with many piano teachers, school, and houses of worship and individual music lovers. Our dream is to share and cherish this magnificent instrument and spread our passion for the piano with our customers. In our store we host recitals for local pianist and teachers.

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Danny Benjoseph
Registered Piano Technician ( R.P.T),